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Candid Snaps is now officially COVID-19 Safe!

Here is what we're doing to #StopTheSpread and keep your guests safe:​


The Setup has been revised to ensure people are well spread out and adhering to physical distancing i.e. the line is set up 1.5m from the booth, and the guestbook table is set up 1.5m from the booth


PhotoBooth & iPad: to minimise the contamination between guests, only the attendant will tap the screen to start each session as well as operate the iPad (social media kiosk) on the night.

Guest book table: hand sanitiser will be available at the guestbook table. Guests are to sanitise prior to using the pens/guestbook.


While the $300 deposit is non-refundable, during COVID-19 the fee is able to be transferred to a new date should you need to reschedule the booking

This is an image of two people taking a photo in Candid Snaps Photo booth hire in Sydney
Keeping you and your guests #COVID-19 Safe in our Photo Booth

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We hope that this morning's announcement has brought some light to the end of the tunnel for all our upcoming newlyweds who are planning their Sydney weddings!

While the announcement did not give us an exact date as to when weddings can start again, we do know that the easing of restrictions will occur the Monday after NSW reaches the 70% double vaccination target. Once this occurs weddings will be able to resume under the below guidelines provided from NSW Health website:

  • Up to 50 guests can attend weddings, with dancing permitted and eating and drinking only while seated.

  • Masks will remain mandatory for all indoor public venues, including public transport, front-of-house hospitality, retail and business premises, on planes and at airports.

What this means for you

While the announcement of the roadmap has provided some hope, we know that the new restrictions will not be able to accommodate everyone's wedding plans. If you are unable to downsize your wedding and are required to postpone your booking, you can rest assured knowing that we will gladly transfer your photo booth wedding deposit to the new date at not additional cost.

However, if the new restrictions mean that you can have your wedding sooner, we can't wait to be a part of it and capture all of the #CandidMoments from the night!

Excited bride and groom taking a photo in a sydney photo booth hire
A YAY moment from brides and grooms all over Sydney with the COVID-19 NSW Roadmap announcement

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Ah Dads... Fathers... Babas... they say a Father is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love. And we couldn't agree more. Through our line of work, we have captured many fathers in their most spontaneous moments... and we'd like to share them with you all!


1. The New Dad Pose

This pose is exactly what it sounds like... a proud daddy captured with his new born child! We find that there is nothing sweeter than a Dad eagerly waiting in line for the booth with his new born child!

2. The Juggling Dad Pose

On the other side of the extreme we have the Experienced Dad Pose aka the Juggling Dad... the dad seen holding 1 or more kids.

3. The Passport Dad Pose

This one's for all the grandpas out there. It's also our favourite pose simply because of how cute it is to watch! Nine out of Ten events we'll have a grandpa come in and use the booth. We let them do their thing (at first anyway..) which involves standing still in front of the camera for all three photos... as though it was a passport photo. We print extra copies of these photos and let grandpa know to hand it out to his kids & grand kids!

4. The Spontaneous Dad Pose

Now this pose is what our brand is all about! The Spontaneous pose!

Just like his jokes, this particular Dad knows how to get a reaction from his kid for the photo...

5. The Dad Gang Pose

This is when a bunch of Dad's get together and well.... Dads just wanna have fun!!!


So from the Candid Snaps Team, we want to wish all the awesome Dads a very happy and blessed Father's Day!

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